Recently, HyperLedger Group, a global enterprise group, has gradually entered the field of vision due to its extensive business radiation. This global enterprise group consists of multiple businesses, aiming to bring more opportunities and value to the blockchain ecosystem. The teams and companies under the Hyperledger Group each focus on different areas, including investment, Token Services, project operations and consulting, marketing and market making, etc. These teams and companies have rich experience and professional knowledge, providing important support and promotion for the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

X-Force, a private investment team under the Hyperledger Group, was formally established in 2019, a foundation that supports bold entrepreneurs building the future through technology. It focuses on delivering superior risk-adjusted returns by investing in blockchain infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and mining. Committed to providing financial support for the blockchain ecosystem to help projects develop and grow.

Apis News is the global blockchain information center under HyperLedger Group. It is also a one-stop blockchain service integrating industry news, technology, encyclopedia, community, and ecological development services. They have a strong technical team and professional operating experience, provide all-round support and services for the project, and help the project gain higher exposure and attention in the market.

The 0x90 team focuses on blockchain project operations and consulting. They provide tailored and efficient operational solutions for projects to help them achieve success. The well-known marketing team Blockchain Cheese focuses on the promotion and marketing of blockchain projects, bringing more exposure and attention to the project through innovative strategies and means.

GrandBit is a professional market-making team under the Hyperledger Group. They use advanced technologies and strategies to provide efficient and accurate market-making services for projects, help projects achieve reasonable currency prices, and help project parties earn more profits . They also independently developed a market-making robot to implement a market value strategy, which can automatically adjust prices according to market demand, and intelligently control the price and quantity of the secondary market to prevent wear and tear on transactions such as arbitrage robots.

All teams and companies under the Hyperledger Group work together in a seamless manner to advance the development and application of blockchain technology. Adhering to the values of innovation, professionalism and responsibility, they constantly explore new fields and opportunities, injecting new vitality and impetus into the digital economy and social development.

As the world’s leading blockchain enterprise group, Hyperledger Group is committed to promoting the application and development of blockchain technology, bringing more opportunities and value to the global blockchain ecosystem. They will continue to cooperate with all parties to jointly promote the application and innovation of blockchain technology and contribute to the future digital economy and social development.

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