GrandBit is an experienced cryptocurrency market value management team (market maker), focusing on providing project parties with strategic consultants, market value management market-making robot leasing and token docking services. It provides customers with a professional digital currency secondary market The leading edge of the solution is the mission, and has established a good reputation in the industry for a long time.

GrandBit’s team is led by members of the Global Risk Management Association, including strategists, programmers, traders and market experts. The GrandBit team provides a variety of trading strategies with both risk control and profitability, and provides customers with a leading edge in digital currency secondary market solutions. Since the team integration, GrandBit has completed more than 140 projects, and has obtained more than 200% of profits (210 million) in projects such as binance, OKEX, Kraken,, Hotbit, Uniswap, and Pancake. These achievements benefit from their professional and stable team and our safe and flexible strategies, as well as their tailor-made market-making strategies and intelligent risk control measures.

GrandBit’s market-making strategy has always adhered to the principle of tailor-made and continuous adjustment. Their market-making follows project characteristics and market conditions, and is constantly adjusted according to changes in the market and operating rhythm. Such a strategy can help GrandBit reasonably adjust currency prices according to market conditions, and help project parties earn more profits.

In addition, GrandBit also independently developed a market-making robot to implement a market value strategy, which can automatically adjust prices according to market demand, and conduct intelligent risk control on the price and quantity of the secondary market, effectively preventing the wear and tear of transactions such as arbitrage robots. At the same time, GrandBit also provides daily market-making data reports, conducts regular data analysis, and provides market sentiment and capital status analysis for project parties from the board of directors. These measures can help GrandBit achieve a reasonable currency price, and at the same time help the project side earn more profits.

The GrandBit team all graduated from famous schools in various countries and has a profound global education background. After years of exploration, the professional ability of the team is quite strong and has a wealth of experience. Whether you are a digital currency trader or a project party, we sincerely invite you to cooperate with us. We will provide you with the most professional services and support, allowing you to gain more opportunities and profits in the digital currency secondary market. If you have any questions about our services or need more information, please feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to help you.

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