0x is the initial address of the public chain, representing the blockchain industry. 90 is the age label of the 0x90 company team. An international blockchain incubation company with many years of experience founded by post-90s, this is the origin of 0x90. In 2017, the 0x90 team gathered in Thailand and started the exploration journey of blockchain. Since then, they have been deeply involved in the blockchain industry for many years, focusing on operations, and have been involved in multiple fields such as public chains, media, exchanges, mining, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and investment.

The 0x90 team all graduated from famous schools in various countries and have a profound global education background. After years of exploration, the professional ability of the team is quite strong and has a wealth of experience. Since the integration of the team, 0x90 has implemented the operation and development of 120 projects, including self-operated projects and outsourced projects, as well as nearly 100 consulting businesses. Rich past experience also helped the team build a complete, efficient and unique workflow. Many well-known projects that 0x90 participated in are still active in today’s blockchain world.

As a blockchain incubation company, 0x90 provides professional, applicable and customized operational solutions for projects through in-depth consulting services. Even if the customer has no project operation experience, the team will provide the most worry-free one-stop service for the customer with its rich professional knowledge. Different from traditional incubators and other operating companies, 0x90 looks at self-operated or cooperative projects from a professional and unique perspective, and uses the “24-frame deconstruction method” to think and operate a project. Super screenwriter with unique skills and reputation in project planning and execution in the cryptocurrency space.

It is worth emphasizing that: 0x90 is not a simple operation plan execution team, but a creative and professional operation planning team, that is, a corporate doctor. Through in-depth multi-dimensional analysis of the project, the team released new operational strategy adjustments based on the problem to help revitalize the project.

In the future, the 0x90 team will continue to deeply cultivate the blockchain industry, and uphold the craftsman spirit of conscientiousness, responsibility, meticulousness, innovation, and professionalism, not forgetting the original intention and forging ahead.

Official website link: https://www.0x90.club/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/0x90_Official
Telegram: https://t.me/danslahm0x90
Email: Wassup@0x90.club