When the development of the DEFI track in the blockchain year has passed the social upsurge and reached the application bottleneck, a report by McKinsey, a world-leading global management consulting company, stated that the potential users behind DEFI will be created by 2025. A new business ecosystem of more than 500 trillion US dollars. The huge market demand and value space have become the driving force to promote WEALTH’s cohesion. WEALTH’s technology and strategy have been upgraded, and it is committed to creating a new DEFI application ecology. With the trend of cosmic star rotation and closed loop, it has launched a balanced benefit strategy for all and established a consensus in the financial industry. The strongest benchmark for the formation of a new free financial equality system.


A good platform can give a person unlimited development space and great influence. The WEALTH created by the Hope Foundation has strong applicability and broad prospects. With the continuous increase in the volume of WEALTH in the future, the Hope Foundation will drive everyone’s common interests to create a better network economic system that is beneficial to all participants – a new generation of blockchain financial application ecology, and disperse finance Transform the application public data into valuable data. Through big data regulation and market mechanism, the demand for financial fairness and equality is taken into account in the design of the underlying blockchain platform, providing incubation scenarios for industry-level landing and financial applications, and for The majority of users create multiple benefits, and the ultimate goal is to expand into the top alliance ecology in the digital age. In the global diversified financial lending scene, it brings a new model and a new business format based on the consensus of the WEALTH interstellar network.

WEALTH can be used as an open and transparent decentralized financial data to undertake the process of information interaction. Individual users or institutions on different chains can be pulled into the same scene to integrate new lending and new pledge methods, forming a cross-chain and cross-scenario connection. Based on the technical characteristics of blockchain, WEALTH will further innovate on “public open source”, break the data barriers between traditional finance, and allow blockchain financial project developers to disclose the attributes of data, so as to share with other projects. After China Unicom, when many developers choose this framework together, a powerful alliance of financial industry developers can be formed.


WEALTH’s blockchain-based decentralized finance has the characteristics of specialization, autonomy, observability, verifiability, and information sharing. It also has advantages in capital, technology, and management, and provides a new way to solve a large number of traditional ills , can effectively build liberalized finance. When more than 80% of users in the market participate in the encryption market through DeFi purchases of insurance, funds, bonds, etc., the foundation of the entire financial industry will become more stable in the future, and users will digest market sentiment more rationally.

WEALTH, as the leading player in the new blockchain finance, is implementing a variety of functional features through technology upgrades, the interstellar network gravity model and the interstellar investment research AI engine, and solving the security, trust and efficiency problems that arise in the integration of finance + applications question. In order to establish a “0” financial lending sharing platform that integrates the entire financial application chain, disintermediates, and directly connects buyers and sellers. At the same time, WEALTH will build a larger and wider user base, through online linkage with offline finance, cross-industry, cross-institution, cross-field, and cross-scenario, inject traffic and new impetus into relevant institutions in the industry, so as to break the capital control dilemma bureau, the just distribution of real shared wealth.