On March 25th, WEALTH will hold a kick-off meeting in Switzerland, Europe. At that time, the press conference will warmly invite global blockchain industry investment institutions, technical teams, communities, media, blockchain enthusiasts, investment enthusiasts and other celebrities, KOLs and industry elites to attend and discuss blockchain together. The development direction and new opportunities of financial reform and DEFI upgrade.

As one of the public economic service applications under the Hope Foundation, Wealth is fulfilling its founding purpose and development significance. Wealth is an intelligent DeFi credit pledge platform developed based on open source Squid and combined with P2P and DAO technologies. Valuable content and legal tokenization of things in the industry also strive to seamlessly integrate all existing functions of the same structure, provide remittance, mobile money, discount and transaction services, and provide users with unique and feasible alternatives to traditional methods .


Introduce a “decentralized” interstellar network consensus mechanism to build a new ecology of DEFI financial balance

With the gradual recovery of the global economy, the contradiction between the people’s continuously growing financial needs and the insufficient supply of traditional finance has become increasingly prominent. In order to cope with the shackles of the old situation of traditional financial capital control, the financial industry urgently needs to introduce an open, transparent and decentralized management mechanism.

In order to help the global wealth ecology to achieve a reasonable balance and equal income and establish a wealth freedom ecosystem, WEALTH takes advantage of the opportunity of financial reform, through the brand-new consensus, co-construction, co-governance algorithm and incentive system on the blockchain, to bring justice, Equal and safe loan pledges are displayed in front of users, and WEALTH allows financial equality to be implemented to millions of people and even more users and institutions. Based on the token economy, WEALTH also provides a feasible circulation solution to record the entire process of asset circulation and form financial data on the chain that cannot be tampered with. At the same time, smart contracts, token economic incentives and other methods are used to support nodes to establish and interact with stars, so as to realize the freedom and balance of finance on the chain.


To quote Charles Dickens from A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.”

With the mentality of solving these problems, let us walk into the WEALTH launch conference. This conference has gathered many top forces in the blockchain + financial field to create a top-level event, and is committed to breaking the wealth tilt situation with blockchain new finance. WEALTH combines high-quality super nodes to build a distributed blockchain financial industry chain and the entire digital economic ecology.

WEALTH adopts different solutions to the problems of data opacity, high barriers to entry, skewed capital wealth, unguaranteed asset security, and monopoly income of giants that exist in traditional finance and blockchain finance at this stage, focusing on technology and logic. In terms of operation, it will reshape the profit distribution model of the financial industry, and is committed to building the world’s leading blockchain financial credit pledge platform and Nebulas consensus community.


Relying on the interstellar investment research AI engine + interstellar network gravity model, the WEALTH consensus is fully blooming

WEALTH has been committed to creating a legal, compliant, and innovative blockchain new financial ecosystem. Users who are consistent with WEALTH’s vision have also been unswervingly looking forward to promoting the comprehensive expansion of WEALTH in the global blockchain ecosystem. , and continue to inject trust elements into the entire industrial chain, accelerating the decentralization process of the financial industry worldwide.

On March 25th, a grand banquet is about to start in Switzerland, Europe. The most beautiful thing is to meet and experience the romantic, free and humanistic style of Switzerland in Europe. Let us gather together and experience the reform journey of blockchain new finance.