According to ndoors, the game Atlantica of ndoors has opened its public beta in South Korea in January and started charging operation in South Korea. According to reports, “Atlantica” is the world’s first 3D SRPG (strategy role playing game) online game developed by South Korea’s ndors company. Atlantica takes the map of the real world as the background and the world famous civilization miracle as the foundation, and reproduces a magnificent world combining fantasy and reality.


As a large-scale 3D SRPG game, “Atlantica” has naturally attracted the participation of many game lovers, especially the innovative amo (advanced multiple operation) combat system in the game, comprehensive urban operation and rich cultivation experience, so that players can cooperate with each other and make the game a beautiful, brave and exciting adventure!


It is worth noting that there are guild points in Atlantica. Guild points are points obtained in the unit of guild. Players can increase guild points when they complete guild tasks, use guild manufacturing, and when the number of guild online reaches a certain number. Guild points can be exchanged for corresponding items and can also be used to bid for the control of a city.


When the guild president arrives at a city that has not been occupied by the guild, click “government” to “apply for domination” in the town icon. It takes at least 1000 guild points to pay and obtain the domination through auction. The auction time is 1 day. After success, he can obtain the domination for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, the domination of the city will be auctioned again, If the original dominating guild does not win in the subsequent auction, it will lose the right to dominate the city.


It is precisely because of this that a group of game players began to gradually form small game associations to participate in the game in groups, and the genesis Game Association is one of them. Unlike other game associations, the main members of the genesis game association are game developers, including game development director Jin Taikun. They are more testing the performance of the game than competing for the victory or defeat in the game. Therefore, the genesis game association was also jokingly called the special game test group of ndoors company at that time.


About ndoors

Taking “Hongle world” as the enterprise goal, ndoors is committed to creating a virtual world where all network users can be happy. From the initial political and economic RPG “monarch ol”, “time n tales”, “koongpa” and so on, to the turn based strategic RPG “Atlantica” produced in combination with 15 years of game development experience, ndoors has been working hard to provide games with new concepts.