With the development of technologies including 5G, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, digital economy is deeply integrated with real economy and is leading the development of industrial compliance. One of the most important links in developing digital economy is infrastructure construction of information data. Communication network infrastructure represented by 5G, Internet of things, Industrial Internet and Satellite Internet, new technology infrastructure represented by Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Blockchain and computing power infrastructure represented by data center and Intelligent Computing Center have become the infrastructure produced by the evolution of a new generation of information technology.

All walks of life are accelerating the pace of digital transformation. Data is transformed into production factors at a higher speed, which means the value of data is becoming increasingly prominent. Data has the dual attributes of representing both information and value. How to decouple information and value has become very important when people are dealing with data.

In June 2009, the top leaders of NEMANJA Group had a discussion with a well-known technology lab to jointly explore the road of digital development through cooperation. With keen insight and unique investment strategic vision, NEMANJA successfully joined hands with the well-known technology lab. The Group has always attached great importance to value investment and incubation of distributed storage ecological high-quality projects and promote the accelerated landing of distributed storage technology to serve the social and economic development. NEMANJA relies on a complete industrial supply chain, a strong technology R & D team and a professional operation and maintenance team to continuously achieve innovation breakthroughs and provides a overall solution plan of a complete process of distributed storage to industrial institutions.

Currently, the flow and sharing of distributed storage data is in the early stage of development and the technology family of “Data Elements” needs more similar technologies. In the future, more relevant technologies will come. NEMANJA will also join hands with the technology lab to continuously invest more energy and devote itself into the research of core technologies. It will constantly break through the technical barriers of data storage, bring more new data storage application tools to industries and society and contribute social benefits and value for us to usher in an era of data explosion.