/FANTAGOAL/ – FANTAGOAL, a Web3 soccer fantasy game, completed a $3 million financing round at a valuation of $25 million, led by IDG Capital with participation from KuCoin Ventures, Chain Capital, and OptaJoe. On May 17th, it announced the commencement of its airdrop activity. The airdropped token $FGC constitutes 3% of the total supply, with 100% of the airdrop being immediately released. Unlike projects like LayerZero that set multiple “traps” for airdrops, FANTAGOAL aims for a highly accessible interactive airdrop to attract more Web3 soccer enthusiasts and early community supporters, providing real benefits to OGs in the community.

During events like the “European Championship,” tokens associated with sports projects typically experience significant price increases. As $FGC is closely linked to the soccer sector, its growth potential is promising as the European Championship approaches. Below is the $FGC airdrop interaction guide:

In the entire airdrop design of FANTAGOAL, users only need to follow and join their social accounts (X and Discord) to receive 20 points each. Users can also earn 5 points daily through check-ins, with consecutive check-ins providing an additional 15 points.

In addition to early contributions to the FANTAGOAL community, users can earn more points by inviting new members to join. If the invited players complete designated tasks for 10 consecutive days, the inviting user receives a reward of 15 points per invitee.

Within FANTAGOAL’s platform (X), daily interactive tasks such as liking, sharing, or commenting on tweets can earn users 5 points per action, with a maximum daily total of 15 points.

Compared to other airdrop designs that involve complex interactions and significant early costs, FANTAGOAL appears more “user-friendly” and effective. Each supporter can earn rewards through their contributions to the community. For a soccer fantasy game, strong community engagement often determines its ability to naturally spread, a factor frequently overlooked by other Web3 games.

Before participating in the airdrop interaction, remember to first register as a user on FANTAGOAL.

Besides basic awareness and activity, FANTAGOAL believes in truly engaging users so that every community supporter can experience the charm of Web3 soccer gaming, starting with becoming a player. Here are more guidelines on earning airdrop points that I’ve come across:

Joining as a player and becoming a ball handler grants 50 points.

As a ball handler, daily check-ins earn 10 points, with an additional 10 points for 10 consecutive check-ins.

Additional rewards stem from early support feedback:The first 10,000 members to join FANTAGOAL’s Discord community each receive 10 points. Community users ranked in the top 300 for chat activity and reaching level 20 in Discord earn 80 points each.The first 1,000 community users to boost the Discord server receive 25 points each.

Here’s an overview of the airdrop interaction items for FANTAGOAL:

  • Follow FANTAGOAL X (@Fanta_Goal) on Twitter.
  • Join the FANTAGOAL Discord community.
  • Daily check-ins.
  • Consecutive daily check-ins.
  • Invite new members to join the FANTAGOAL Discord.
  • Interact with tweets from FANTAGOAL X.
  • Become a Legendary Ball Handler.
  • Consecutive daily check-ins as a Ball Handler.
  • OG rewards for the first 10,000 members to join FANTAGOAL Discord.
  • Rewards for being ranked in the top 300 in the community chat and reaching level 20.
  • Rewards for the first 1,000 community users to boost the Discord server.

If you have a strong interest in FANTAGOAL, don’t overlook the significant role of their NFTs:

FANTAGOAL has introduced “EuroCup” Field NFTs and “Player NFTs,” each serving different roles within the ecosystem.

Players holding the “EuroCup” Field NFTs participate in a shared prize pool based on real match data.

Other revenue streams for Field NFTs include:

  • Earning community points (a way to earn $FGC).
  • Synthesizing high-quality Player NFTs.
  • Collecting rent (for simulated management and fantasy games).
  • Staking for platform profit-sharing.

Player NFTs

Players use artificial intelligence tools or random generation to mint Player NFTs. These NFTs serve as core assets within the game, developed through resource consumption such as upgrades, quality enhancements, talent acquisition, and gem systems to improve player attributes and quality, thereby enhancing combat effectiveness.

Uses of Player NFTs

  • Participating in matches: Players can team up for various competitions including fantasy leagues, PvE, and PvP to earn rare materials, high-quality Player NFTs, and substantial $FGC rewards.
  • Trading Players: Users can buy and sell Player NFTs in the in-game marketplace to acquire assets and generate profits.

FANTAGOAL aims to tightly integrate the football world with Web3 through the “EuroCup” + “Fantasy” + AI approach, leveraging blockchain NFTs to integrate with real-world football matches. This initiative aims to bring potential and commercial value to Web3 football enthusiasts, ultimately establishing the world’s largest football ecosystem. Join the FANTAGOAL airdrop campaign now and claim your $FGC rewards!

Join now here, Follow FANTAGOAL X, Join FANTAGOAL Discord.