U.S. stock SISI has gained highest up to exceeds 212% in 1 month. Suspicious: ONC, which has completed the development of a large AI medical model, plans to listing through a reverse takeover

Since May 9th 2024, the share price of Shineco, Inc. (stock code: SISI), a listed company on the US stock market, has been rising, and its rise uniquely in the entire US stock market. Data shows that SISI stock price rose from the lowest point near US$0.72 on May 9th to the highest point of US$2.25 on June 5th, with the highest increase of more than 212%.


However, before that, SISI stock price has been continued to decline. The data line shows that SISI stock price dropped from $35 on December 28th, 2022 to $0.6 in early May this year, a drop of more than 98%.

So why can SISI stock price come back to life at this time? Is there a mysterious force behind it that is pushing SISI to be back at the safe place? What will SISI’s future be like?

1、SISI stock price has continued to rise without any performance support. An announcement from ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. made the market suddenly understand how everything happened

Public information shows that Shineco, Inc. (stock code: SISI) is a company focusing on the field of general health. It has currently developed and manufactured 33 types of in vitro diagnostic reagents and related medical devices, and has carried out the production and sales of health foods.

In the U.S. stock market, this concept is not a popular target, and it is also a Chinese concept stock company. Therefore, amid geopolitical tensions and the prevalence of global trade protectionism, it is difficult to have sufficient room for imagination in the performance of this stock. In addition, judging from the financial statements, SISI’s profits attributable to shareholders were negative in many quarters, and basic U.S. stock returns were also negative, indicating poor financial performance. Multiple objective factors determined that SISI stock price collapsed in the early stage.

But why has its stock price turned around and skyrocketed since early May this year? It should be noted that the company has not disclosed any major matters related to the company’s development recently (such as the introduction of heavy shareholders, the launch of disruptive products, or the signing of a large medical purchase order with a certain country’s government). Judging from the latest financial report data, the company’s attributable shareholders Attributable profit and basic earnings per share remained negative. Therefore, the background of the surge in SISI stock is that on the one hand there is no direct benefit, on the other hand the fundamentals have not been improved. About the confusion in the market, a public statement from ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. seemed to reveal the answer to the outside world.

2、In order to ensure the stability of the financial market and complete the medical vision, ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. issued a document to clarify market rumors.

ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. has claimed following in a statement:

The company has completed key work such as the research and development and design of a large AI medical model. Later on, the model will be put into the medical market and enrich patients around the world. But at the same time, the company has no plans to reverse SISI to takeover in the next year. Investors are advised not to believe external rumors and have issued relevant risk warnings to investors.

It is worth mentioning that this announcement was officially deleted within less than three hours after it was released.

To conclude, this is a clarification announcement which intended to deny the rumors that ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. will be listed on Nasdaq through the acquisition of SISI. However, the announcement also officially announced that the company’s large-scale AI medical model research and development results have met the conditions for large-scale commercialization. Multiple insiders that close to ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. said that the announcement was half true and half untrue.


According to the insiders of ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd., as a well-known mineral and energy enterprise, has begun to diversify and internationalize its layout in recent years and has achieved remarkable results. As the AI concept becomes a hot topic in the global Internet industry in 2023, ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. has also stepped up its entry into the game and chosen the medical sector as a breakthrough point. Because the company’s executives believe that the key point where AI technology will first enrich mankind is medical care, and the collection and training of medical data require a lot of costs, the initial fate of the ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. reflects the company’s sense of responsibility and values. The commercial value behind it is also obvious.

The senior management of ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. judged that the end of AI is computing power, and the support point of computing power lies in electricity. The core of generating electricity is energy and minerals (carbon burning power generation, steel casting power plant). In this regard, ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. has Strong strategic reserves. At the same time, ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. also quickly established an AI large model team composed of the world’s top developers and medical experts in the early stage, which laid the intellectual foundation for the birth of the AI medical large model. Therefore, it is true that ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. has successfully developed a large AI medical model. However, ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. denied of the reverse takeover listing of SISI is not true.

According to the insiders’ claim that the top management of ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. had discussed the plan of reverse takeover listing before this, and the team finally approved it. Subsequently, the senior management of ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. also secretly reached an agreement with representatives of SISI Company and reached a preliminary intention on the acquisition. The subsequent delivery details are also progressing rapidly. However, in view of the various cumbersome rules of the U.S. stock market, ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. reverse takeover listing plan may still take a certain period of time.


The insiders have pointed out that because AI large models + medical concepts are hot topics in the US stock market this year, ONC can integrate global resources and quickly iterate its business by logging on to Nasdaq. SISI itself belongs to the big health sector, and its current stock price is at a low level, and the acquisition price is cheaper than in the past. Therefore, it is the first choice of the shell company for the ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. to be listed on Nasdaq. However, during the process of negotiating cooperation between the two parties, the third-party consulting company responsible for the reverse takeover listing operation learned the news in advance. The relevant personnel took advantage of this loophole to buy a large number of SISI stocks in an attempt to make huge profits, thus raising the stock price temporarily. Consulting company personnel even spread rumors to the financial circle that ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd., which has achieved a breakthrough in AI technology, will be listed through SISI reverse takeover and be approved quickly, stimulating market sentiment. This move is only to further drive up the stock price and maximize profits.

Therefore, ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd., in line with social responsibility and business ethics, solemnly announced to the market that no reverse takeover SISI has been listed on the U.S. stock market. This is an absolutely helpless move, because the starting point of ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. business development is to ensure the safety of users, including Physical health and low risk to assets. ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd.timely clarification to the market has also been affirmed by people familiar with the matter.

3、Backdoor listing may have become a certainty, and the future performance of SISI stock price is worth looking forward to.

Although ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. has clarified its rapid listing on Nasdaq, judging from market performance and business logic, this matter has become a foregone conclusion, but it will only be sooner or later.

Since ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. already has extremely high commercial value and has aroused a certain degree of enthusiasm in the capital market, SISI shares are the best target to complete its reverse takeover listing plan. Because the cost is relatively the lowest, SISI The long-term trend of stock prices has been locked in advance.

In the capital market, any small matters will cause prices to rise and fall, but the successful launch of large-scale AI medical models will inevitably iterate the global medical industry and enrich human society. If ONC Mining Group Co., Ltd. can create further miracles, SIS stock price will be close to NVIDIA, which is also in line with the value logic of the capital market.