On October 15th, the three-year Filecoin mainnet was officially launched, and the block height reached 148888.


It began to appear in 2017 and lasted for three years. Although the Filecoin mainnet has been postponed many times, its market popularity has not diminished.


What is Filecoin?

Filecoin is the incentive layer token protocol of IPFS. It uses a new proof-of-space-time mechanism (Proof-of-Spacetime). Miners are rewarded by contributing idle hard drives. In short, you have enough hard drives. Then the more Filecoin rewards you get.


Although it has lasted for three years, the good news on the Filecoin mainnet still makes investors and users in the market very excited. The most obvious manifestation is the soaring price of FIL. According to the data, one hour after the internet went live, FIL rose to 220USDT, with a maximum increase of 21 times. FIL 20-minute trading volume on Huobi reached 27.09 million U.S. dollars.


It is understood that Filecoin storage applications include distributed storage, secure storage, permanent storage (including data determinism) and many concepts in the new infrastructure. For example, edge computing, smart cities, and smart healthcare will have a large number of natural fusion points in the future. This is where its long-term value lies. The cost of data storage is only 1/10 of Amazon’s. Based on this, the launch of the Filecoin market is of great significance to IPFS itself and the entire distributed storage market.


Distributed storage has ushered in new opportunities and has a long-term layout. FILW received 120,000,000 investment

Filecoin’s internet launch has ushered in a new development opportunity for distributed storage. Many investors have begun to pay attention to the field of distributed storage, and the distributed storage track has also experienced explosive development. As an IPFS governance layer pass token, FILW naturally attracts attention.


Although FILW is still in its infancy at this time, relying on the strong ecology of IPFS and the development trend of Filecoin, under the promotion of the FIL WORLD Foundation, FILW has finally received 120,000,000 investment from many international celebrities. This is the later stage of FILW. R&D provides sufficient funding guarantee.


The future of distributed storage has arrived, and Filecoin is developing rapidly. I believe that in the near future, FILW will also become a huge boost for IPFS and a new engine for the development of distributed storage.