Amid global attention, the Miss Web3 global debut in Seoul, South Korea, showcased significant commercial value, attracting participation from MCN agencies and internet companies from multiple countries. The unexpectedly high demand placed immense pressure on the event organizers, necessitating an expansion of talent to handle the sudden surge in cooperation needs.

1. Charles Lee Delegates Authority, Ambitious Li Yunfeng Seizes Opportunity for Power Grab

In this scenario, Charles Lee, the global head of Miss Web3, appointed Li Yunfeng, Phd at UCLA, as the head of the Korean station to oversee the specific affairs of the Seoul competition. As the commercial value of Miss Web3 continued to rise, coupled with the enormous potential of the local beauty economy in South Korea, Li Yunfeng, a scheming opportunist, began to waver in his loyalty and disregarded his commercial contract with the organizers.

Driven by immense temptation, Dr. Li Yunfeng chose to betray Charles Lee. He embezzled the organizers’ reputation and brand resources, organizing another beauty pageant in South Korea under the guise of Miss Web3, with all expenses borne by the organizers while he kept all profits. This caused significant damage to Miss Web3’s brand reputation.

2. Li Yunfeng’s Disregard for Business Ethics Earns Disdain from Korean Partners, Charles Lee Learns the Truth

Upon learning the truth, the Korean partners chose to promptly inform Charles Lee. Despite his anger, Charles Lee maintained maximum restraint and, while confronting Li Yunfeng, offered him a dignified way out, such as continuing as a consultant with a high salary.

Li Yunfeng, having violated laws, regulations, and business contracts, avoided the organizers’ inquiries while using the disruption of the April 13th Miss Web3 offline cooperation event as leverage, forcing Charles Lee to concede control of the Miss Web3 event in South Korea.

Charles Lee firmly refused this unreasonable demand and calmly confronted Li Yunfeng’s threats. However, with Li Yunfeng already controlling the April 13th Seoul station event, team members still doubted Charles Lee’s warning plans, as Li Yunfeng’s influence had permeated all aspects of the Korean station.

3. Li Yunfeng’s Threats Ultimately Fail, But Charles Lee Grants Him a Dignified Exit

During the April 13th event, Li Yunfeng attempted to force Charles Lee to publicly announce his takeover of the Korean station. However, Charles Lee, experienced in global business warfare, had already prepared cooperation terms with top local lawyers to ensure the event’s control remained firmly in the hands of the organizers.

Therefore, at the event, all participants and media quietly followed Charles Lee’s instructions, leaving Li Yunfeng surprised when he was informed on-site by Charles Lee’s lawyer that he had been dismissed.

Later, Li Yunfeng learned from the media and MCN partners he had persuaded earlier that Charles Lee had orchestrated the charade to preserve Li Yunfeng’s last shred of dignity and hoped he would regain his business ethics through this lesson.