With the popularity of ChatGPT at the end of 2022, AI has once again become the focus of attention. The last time AI sparked a public opinion boom, AlphaGo beat the world’s top Go player Lee Shishi 4-1 in 2016.

But unlike last time, this time the AI is even stronger. After intensive training, the AI can create new content for the users’ needs.

Facing the rapid development of AI, how to combine Web3 and AI has also become a concern for blockchain practitioners. In AI, a very important point is machine learning (ML), and when ML is added to Web3, it can be extended to different network levels of web3, with a lot of interesting effects.


Zionex Is one of the South Korea’s well-known private equity KTB investment, Singapore too fund, Zionex block chain laboratory with the original Coinbase exchange co-founder Mr Fred Ehrsam is committed to development and operation, OpenAI chief technology officer Mira Murati as technical consultant, through the original aggregation function development, combined with AI artificial intelligence, quantitative trading system developed the world’s first Web3 AI trading social aggregation platform.

function Introduction

AI intelligent quantitative trading arbitrage

Zionex By using highly advanced trading engines driven by AI, machine learning, and deep neural nodes, Zionex can easily identify the most profitable transactions in traditional cryptocurrency exchanges (such as Binance, OKX) and DeFi protocols (such as AMM, DEX, equity agreements, revenue mining pools, lending pools, and lightning lending).

Zionex The powerful AI-driven arbitrage engine detects and performs the best trading strategies in real time, and the generated revenue is then distributed to the profit-sharing model for equity participants to share. Part of the allocation quota is retained as a platform share to ensure the sustainable development and growth of the platform.

AI robot

A tool that helps users easily build, train and deploy machine learning models, Zionex engineers use to develop a machine learning-based anti-fraud system that can identify mismatches and anomalies in user identity sources to help them quickly take steps to guard against potential fraud risks.

Zionex Use AI robots to develop machine learning algorithms to conduct image analysis and combat fraud.

At the same time, combined with the current most advanced AI technology, AI intelligence continuation & undertaking context, can answer a variety of questions, such as history, science, culture, writing, emotion, workplace and other questions. Not only can they chat, but they can also write code, novels, articles and even medical treatment. Compared to traditional chatbots, Zionext AI is smoother and more organized when answering questions continuously.

Clip robot

The clip robot adopts AI artificial intelligence technology + blockchain technology, which can easily confirm the money market trading volume of the day within a few minutes, and conduct multiple transaction negotiations at the same time, efficiently complete the transaction planning, effectively reduce the manual repeated operation, and realize the automatic search for trading strategies and opportunities. At the same time, accept USDT, BNB… as well as USDT and other assets on the chain, committee funds are on the chain, users can terminate the contract at any time, terminate the contract after the contract assets automatically to your wallet, the robot full intelligent contract execution, the whole process without withdrawal function.

Scientist tool function

Zionex Developed a set of scientist tools, through AI intelligent robot to achieve scientists grab coins, pre-sale, order mode, multi-chain batch coins, batch collection wallet, etc., so that investors can get more secure and convenient high income.


With the continuous development and innovation of the digital economy, Zionex will become an important part and value creator of the digital economy. Under the leadership of Zionex, the integration of blockchain, artificial intelligence, DeFi, meta-universe, Web3.0, NFT and other technologies will bring more opportunities and support to users and enterprises. At the same time, I look forward to the future of the digital economy and the new opportunities and changes brought about by the digital economy.