Today, new IT technologies represented by blockchain, cloud computing and big data are changing the development process of the world and pushing the whole society into the wave of the fourth industrial revolution. In this era, new IT technology has greatly improved the productivity of enterprises, while traditional management methods and business models have obviously become a kind of shackles. The new forces and new business models represented by the sharing economy and intelligent manufacturing have great impact on management, finance, accounting, etc. Work brings new demands and challenges.

In order to meet the challenges, shared services are becoming an important means to promote organizational changes and even implement cross-border operations. Organizational flattening can reduce the level of administrative management and cut redundant personnel, so as to establish a compact and capable organizational structure. Thoth (Tot) DAO is using blockchain technology and DAO form to build a decentralized autonomous ecology of global Web3.0 technology. Thoth DAO can not only promote a new business model through the springboard of digital/intelligent innovation, but also create an internally interconnected DAO platform economy, allowing all fans to share dividends and create a Web3 world belonging to Thoth!

Thoth DAO was initiated by the Thoth DAO Foundation, combined with BSC underlying public chain technology studio, ETH Layer 2 governance community and other technical teams, led by Wall Street Kojin and Blackstone Capital, owns the global blockchain top technology studio, and DAO’s Miners with huge computing power of ETH and BTC in the community.

At the same time, Thoth DAO is operated by the nature of community autonomy to solve the pain points that are difficult to solve in the form of organization, and provide all participants in the world with non-corruption and consensus-based decision-making services in the way of DAO. Thoth DAO has an independent public chain, and uses the constraints of DAO in the public chain to develop various ecology extended by Web3.0 technology, decentralized wallet, decentralized exchange, original IP NFT and GameFi boards, and has a complete Lending, wealth management, and insurance sectors.

Thoth DAO’s global DAO ecology will be composed of Thoth communities in different countries and regions. These communities will be composed of various types of participants, including investors, developers, community members, governance and other contributors. These participants participate in the decision-making process of the community through the governance mechanism of DAO, and jointly promote the development and growth of DAO. Thoth DAO allows community members to participate in the governance and decision-making of the Thoth community through co-construction, consensus, co-governance, openness and transparency.

Thoth DAO is built using Thoth. Thoth is composed of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) developed in Solidity language and a web-side decentralized application (dApp). Thoth allows anyone to create and manage any organization as a decentralized wallet certificate. Thoth adopts the DeFi model, privately issued, and uses the POS mechanism to obtain the platform token TOT. In essence, TOT is an ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs and investors of any organization to collaborate efficiently and securely, without technical loopholes and malicious participants.

The TOT token plays a vital role in the governance of the Thoth DAO platform. It can be understood as a decentralized platform equity, but it can also control the participation of each TOT holder and the Thoth DAO platform. Perform flexible and precise matching of rights and obligations. TOT tokens are based on the Thoth public chain, and a total of 1 billion tokens will be produced.

The specific allocation mechanism is as follows:

Thoth DAO has launched a variety of financial products such as Tot Financial, Tot Financial, and Game Lottery. Thoth DAO uses TOT tokens to motivate developers and contributors to provide technical support and services to the community. Participants generate income through game market making, and obtain mining rights and interests through NFT card synthesis to obtain higher income. This can encourage more people to participate in the development process of DAO, thereby promoting the development and growth of DAO.

The total amount of TOT tokens is 1 billion, and the NFT nodes have pre-mined a total of 34.9 million (fuel) TOTs, which will be destroyed at a deflation rate of 100 times! At the same time, the GameFi game ecosystem will be destroyed at a more terrifying speed! The NFT (source node, consensus, card) backflow auction requires an equivalent TOT exchange, and a large number of TOT tokens will be destroyed again, which is doomed to have a strong scarcity of TOT tokens. And Thoth DAO has a complete set of diverse ecological systems including ecological NFT, wealth management mining ecology, game mining ecology, LP liquidity mining ecology, NFT node ecology, public chain GAS consumption ecology, and TOT:web3 world, which promotes TOT pass At the same time have a strong market demand. There are dual wind control systems in the system to protect the safety of consensus participants’ funds! It has greatly enhanced the confidence of the consensus, which is more conducive to the continuous rise of TOT tokens.

The Thoth DAO ecosystem created by the globalized Web3.0 technology will become an important part of the future blockchain community. In the Thoth DAO ecosystem, the support of blockchain technology, DAO governance structure, TOT digital assets and multiple ecosystems will be the key to promote the development and growth of Thoth DAO. We look forward to seeing the Thoth DAO ecosystem play an increasingly important role in the future development of the web3 world.