When the movie Avatar was released in 2009, the 3D craze swept the world. Most importantly, the popularity of “Avatar” made 3D movies extremely popular, which opened a wave of 3D craze for movies and allowed more filmmakers to see the dividends of 3D movies. .

According to statistics, as much as 80% of the global box office of “Avatar” comes from 3D screens. Since then, theaters have begun to purchase 3D projection equipment on a large scale, or begin to perform 3D transformations in existing theaters. For a time, the global film industry is 3D. crazy.

Global 3D technology has experienced a development process from visual aid 3D to naked eye 3D, and will move to the advanced stage of naked eye 3D-holographic 3D. Up to the 3D industry has experienced the stage of rapid popularization of glasses-style 3D consumption since the great success of the 3D movie “Avatar” in 2009, and glasses-free 3D products and services centered on “further enhancing user experience” are continuously being launched iteratively. Glasses-style 3D smart TVs, 3D projectors, 3D mobile phones, 3D Pads, 3D notebooks, 3D monitors, 3D movies, 3D games, and other first-generation 3D products have been popularized and consumed, making an important contribution to the development of the global information technology and cultural industry. Contribution; At the same time, the development and industrialization of second-generation 3D product services such as naked-eye 3D TV, naked-eye 3D projection, naked-eye 3D mobile phone, naked-eye 3D Pad, naked-eye 3D notebook, naked-eye 3D advertising machine, naked-eye 3D advertising film and television, etc. are “using user experience”. As the core” to accelerate the iterative listing, the entire 3D industry still maintains a good industrial chain and market competitiveness.

Dimenco was established in the Netherlands in 2010. Its core founding team is all from Philips technical experts, and is also the original inventor of many naked-eye 3D related patents.

Dimenco originated from Royal Philips Electronics and has been leading the stereo vision market since 2010. Focusing on the research of naked-eye 3D overall solutions, it is currently the world’s only technical engineering supporter authorized by Philips’ naked-eye 3D technology. It has the world’s most advanced naked-eye 3D technology and solutions. All-round technological leadership and industry influence realized by the system.

The core of Dimenco is the naked eye 3D technology, and its core principle is realized by the cylindrical lens and software interweaving algorithm. In the display layer of the terminal screen, a layer of photoelectric display material coating based on the company’s independent research and development is added. The light emitted by the light-emitting layer is refracted by the grating, which produces parallax in the human viewing angle, thereby realizing a three-dimensional image.

In the future, naked-eye 3D will develop in many ways. From a long-term perspective, not only the connection between 3D and the Internet itself, but also the research and development of naked-eye 3D technology itself is also very important. Only when there is a breakthrough in its own technology, can more people accept the naked eye 3D technology. From the perspective of the future development pattern, naked-eye 3D technology will be a big trend, but how to quickly seize the market has become a key. This also determines how far Dimenco can go.