Capverse is a strategy game set in an interstellar civilization background, developed by three Hong Kong listed companies in collaboration with Wemade Entertainment Co., Ltd, a gaming giant, providing technical support. Currently, Capverse has partnered with Hong Kong’s top boy band, MIRROR. In the future, more strategic resources will be added to empower Capverse.

A strong financial background with abundant resources can guarantee the sustainability and legitimacy of the project under the framework established by the Hong Kong Government. Moreover, Capverse can benefit from all the policies intended to facilitate the development of virtual asset industry implemented by the Hong Kong Government in the future.

Capverse will begin its closed beta from 21st March with 10,000 players only. Each newly registered player will receive a total of 1,000 SUM (a functional token in the game) and can earn up to 75,000 SUM through the”Invite to Earn” program.

In Capverse, players can create a team with their characters based on their unique skill sets to battle and complete specific tasks for rewards. Players can also use their characters to summon a new one. A rare and valuable character with outstanding abilities can be summoned by chance.

Thanks to blockchain technology, all game resources in Capverse, such as characters or tokens, are all virtual assets truly owned by the players. Not only players can experience Capverse with all these resources, they can also resell them on the secondary markets. Additionally, Capverse has developed a new social sharing and earning system that allows players to earn money by inviting friends to participate in this innovative blockchain gaming experience. Whenever the invitee consume in Capverse, the inviter will be rewarded accordingly. The more invitation a player have made, the greater the reward would be.

On the planet Bidi, there live an active and sentient capsule-like creature called Sumer, as well as another aggressive species called the Viruser.

Virusers continually expand their own population by invading other races, injecting virus into others, which then causes the infected creatures to slowly transform into Viruser. Sumer begins their battle with the Viruser in order to stop them and so is your journey in Capverse……

Capverse provides diverse earning streams to ensure every player can achieve profitability easily. Players can earn rewards by completing tasks, winning battles, or competing with other players in the Arena for a higher ranking and greater rewards. Players can also summon rare characters by chance and sell them on the secondary markets for more profits.

As Capverse develops, it will evolve into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that will be managed by the community. Holders of $CAP will be able to participate in voting on issues related to the project’s ecosystem governance in the future, along with other decision-making for the game development. It will also cooperate with the traditional gaming industry to improve the quality of the blockchain gaming industry..