From October 15th to 18th, Bit Best will host the “Web3.0 Financial Global Consensus Summit” on the beautiful Indonesian island of Bali. This promises to be the largest and most comprehensive WEB3 summit in the industry. At the same time, it serves as an opportunity to experience the best of Bali during an exchange between projects. Not only has Bit Best invited numerous well-known companies and angel investment firms, but also prominent KOLs from within the industry to attend.

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This summit, characterized by “experience + exchange,” coupled with Bali’s natural scenery and culture, will explore how blockchain can drive financial transformation. As the organizer, Bit Best’s latest progress and ecosystem development will be fully showcased, delivering exciting displays.

Bit Best’s core strength in multi-chain collaboration technology, which supports cross-chain derivative transactions for over 30 mainstream digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, will be a significant highlight of this summit. Key advantages include:

1) Safe and efficient cross-chain asset transfer services.

2) Support for smart contracts, enabling the creation of various DeFi products.

3) A robust peer-to-peer payment network with minimal transaction fees.

During the summit, Bit Best will delve into its technical architecture, including the establishment of cross-chain channels, network optimization, and multi-chain persistent contracts. The team will also demonstrate its latest applications and ideas in lending, finance, and other fields. Renowned associations and institutions will also present their unique perspectives and insights into the blockchain industry.

Beyond forum discussions, the summit has also arranged abundant offline interactive experiences. Attendees can participate in multiple offline activities, exploring the local customs and conditions of Bali, technology exchanges, and tourism experiences.

As a leading global blockchain platform, Bit Best has always been at the forefront and innovation in the Web3.0 era:

① Bit Best offers an innovative cross-chain interaction mechanism, serving as a pioneering product in the web3.0 DeFi space, and providing a variety of financial services to global users.

② Its proprietary multi-chain DEX platform supports over 30 mainstream assets, with daily trading volumes ranking in the top three globally.

③ Bit Best has invested in and incubated multiple leading projects in the industry, significantly benefiting the ecosystem.

④ It boasts 5 international R&D centers and 10 regional offices, offering one-stop global services to customers.

⑤ It’s the first global blockchain company to step into traditional finance, actively exploring the integration of finance and blockchain.

Bit Best’s Web3.0 Financial Global Consensus Summit in Bali is expected to guide global discussions on the next-phase blueprint with its forward-looking perspective and open-minded spirit. It is set to become one of the significant events in the industry this year!

During leisure times, Bit Best has organized cultural activities rich in local flavor. This includes visiting famous local attractions and sampling renowned local dishes.

This Web3 summit by Bit Best in the tropical paradise of Bali is bound to create new heights. The amalgamation of several factors will bring the entire industry’s focus to this grand event:

(1) Bali, known as one of the world’s best tourist destinations, will undoubtedly draw attendees.

(2) Bit Best’s decision to share its achievements on this land further solidifies its industry leadership.

(3) Major product and ecosystem updates will be announced, sharing digital financial results with counterparts globally.

(4) Extensive media coverage and live broadcasts will make this event highly anticipated in over 200 countries.

With these contributing factors, the October conference in Bali is destined to be the most-watched trendsetting event in current Web3!

At this summit, Bit Best hopes to foster deep exchanges and cooperation between regions and teams through meaningful interactions. The beauty of Bali is believed to paint a more human-centric blueprint for the future of Web3. Bit Best warmly invites all blockchain enthusiasts to join and collectively shape a brighter future.