Recently, Zionex, the world’s first Web3 AI trading social aggregation platform, announced that it has been supported by a number of well-known institutions, led by KTB Venture Capital Fund, Zionex Blockchain Lab, Singapore Taihe Foundation and DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Lab.

Zionex With its forward-looking strategic vision and strong technical strength, it has won recognition and strategic support from many star institutions led by KTB venture capital fund, injecting capital and resources for the follow-up project development, ecological construction and market activities.

strategic cooperation


In-depth assessment of Zionex by Leonie, Vice President of KTB Venture Capital Fund VP:

The future of AI AI is something I am looking forward to, and I am working with others to help you imagine the possibility of the future. In this future, we will find ways to work with AI, so that we can do things that humans can’t do alone today, and what AI can’t do alone today. We have reached a strategic cooperation with Zionex to combine the collective intelligence of human beings and use artificial intelligence to empower it, so as to predict the future.


“We believe that technology, security and compliance are the cornerstone of a successful AI intelligence market and are essential to ensure the long-term success of this market,” said Jeff Lu, chief technology officer of the Singapore Taihe Foundation. As a leader in this area, we will work hard to advance the virtual asset industry and the AI smart ecosystem by promoting collaboration with Zionex and embracing advanced security technologies and best practices.

Ecological layout

Web3- -DeFi Product Matrix

①computing power mining:Use smart contracts to distribute the monthly output directly to the investors’ wallet; perpetual computing power, holding Token is holding perpetual computing power assets, continuous dividends. Compared with direct investment in currency, stocks of Bitcoin mining companies, and cloud computing power products, Zionex has made exploratory innovations in the field of Bitcoin mining: providing investors with more compliant and safe investment methods, and lowering the threshold for individual investors to participate in currency mining.

②LP:Zionex In the first stage, ZIM will be generated through LP, and a large number of users and funds will participate in this financial experiment. LP is a more fair and transparent way, and can quickly help Zionex acquire initial users. In the launch of Zionex products, priority will be given to LP mining and token incentives for behavioral mining.

③exchange:The first integrated platform integrating stablecoin exchange, token mining and autonomy. The exchange platform has the advantages of low commission fee, low transaction slip point and low impermanence loss, and the exchange efficiency and security are much higher than that of other platforms. Zionex The platform will continue to implement token mining, platform autonomy and other plans, to open more rights and interests to the community. Zionex As platform governance tokens, they will also give community users more rights and interests, such as platform governance rights, value capture rights and pledge proceeds rights, etc.

④other:Lending, financial management, decentralized cold wallet, big data storage center, etc


AI Encrypted Social networking:Zionex Using the industry’s highest level of AI encryption technology, so that users can safely text, voice, video and other communication, providing users with unparalleled communication privacy and security, is a trusted encrypted chat software. Meanwhile, the Zionex also has the following features:

A) No threshold registration: After downloading, users do not need to provide any personal information such as mobile phone number or email when registering. They only need to fill in the user name and display the name to create an account “no threshold”, which can well protect the privacy and security of users.

B) User control of data: decentralized encryption research and development, community autonomy, breaking the monopoly, with the characteristics of anti-censorship, users can control their own data.

Cc) Encrypted conversation: end-to-end encrypted information transmission.

D) Can view the market: you can view the latest and hottest digital asset market, as well as the market of various blockchain network tokens, to get more opportunities.

Found e) “found” opportunity: in the interface, can through the circle of friends, nearby people show their information, and through the information, DAPP, NFT, get more information, can also be through a meeting, security detection, block chain flow device, commonly used download for comprehensive view, detection, download, etc., to get more opportunities.

F) Asset management is available: wallet account and social account integration, asset exchange.

G) Security: Protect accounts and assets through mnemonics, private keys, privacy Settings, etc.

H) Available income: users can rely on their influence on the social network.


Zionex Will help high-quality projects, users, investors, related institutions and other level 1 issuance, trading and circulation of NFT assets. With Zionex, users or players can buy before NFT enters the secondary market, allowing for better access to the price or experience projects earlier. For example, users can be directly involved in the market on the Zionex platform to get better access prices or priority to experience projects earlier.

In terms of the secondary market liquidity, the Zionex secondary market will help users to solve the liquidity problem of the secondary market according to the huge flow of the community. On the Zionex platform, buyers and sellers can trade freely on the NFT secondary market. In terms of GAS fees, compared with the general NFT trading platform, Zionex has no user threshold and no issuance restrictions.


Public chain:Zionex With the goal of establishing an open trading platform, with the low threshold of users, good use experience and continuous community, the core competitiveness, first-mover advantage and scale effect of many competitors in the face of challenges. Zionex Committed to creating an open, fair, traceable, distributed, transparent, credible and the most powerful decentralized aggregation application public chain platform. Strive to benefit the public, so that Zionex becomes a platform where everyone can participate, participation and contribution, contribution and return.


Strategic layout

Zionex Future market users will cover more than 300 countries around the world, including North America, Europe, South America and Asia Pacific regions. Zionex Adhering to the popularization of digital dividend, the best trading way to apply to every ordinary person.

Zionex It is not only a Web3 AI transaction social aggregation platform, but also a decentralized blockchain financial trading platform, and an indispensable comprehensive service platform for digital currency investors.