It is known that leaders of many X10 Legends communities held online launch meetings in their own cities, which attracted many elites, technical players and well-known media of the same industry. Top-level managers of game associations were invited and this event triggered a wide range of hot discussion. At the same time, representatives of many X10 Legends communities were present at the event.


The conference officially announced the latest update of the 2021 blockbuster NFT game X10 Legends, showing the rich experience and diversified value that X10 Legends brings to players.

with the high-speed development of science and technology, game is becoming a “super digital scenario”. Besides pleasant experience, it also creates more values and possibilities for our life. X10 Legends always hopes to drive the time-transgressive development of the game industry with more open cognition.

The continuous technological revolution and thinking renovation will make games better connect the virtuality and the reality, time and space, and become a better connection mode between people, people and the society. In this process, X10 Legends applied the most popular NFT concept, and perfectly combined games and incomes of DeFi, so that players may obtain abundant on-chain incomes while having fun.

X10 Legends is a NFT card-collecting TCG game with the swordsman story as the background, which is established on the Unity game engine and Binance intelligent chain. It includes 5 playing methods, namely multiple-person game, decentralized DEFI, NFT card mode, NET asset collection trade, blind box. It integrates characteristics of traditional games and blockchain games, provides exciting game experience for ordinary players that want to enjoy the fun of game, and NFT ecosystem for players that want to collect and trade NFT. Most NFTs of XTL, as on-chain assets, adopt the Binance intelligent on-chain BEP721 standard; some digital assets are retained in some databases, thus laying a foundation for traditional game players to enjoy the game experience.

Technically, the technical panorama of X10 Legends includes the application layer, the asset layer, the data layer and the consensus layer. The application layer of X10 Legends is the bottom technical framework of BSC intelligent chain application ecology. The open source application layer with programmable design provides technical guarantee for establishing the application ecology of the global digital currency. Y-FOX will be the first game application of X10 Legends. It will develop and access more NFT game applications in the future. The asset layer releases XTL; users may adopt point-to-point currency trade and instant settlement. The decentralized self-governance mode DAO adopted by XTL and the consensus mechanism that requires no trust provide a safe storage environment and one-stop multiple-currency storage management services for digital assets.

This news conference has won great attention of various players. The X10 Legends will have more playing methods in the future, such as the upcoming five-element (metalwoodwaterfire and earth) method and Competition on Huashan Mountain. It is safe to say that X10 Legends realizes value explorations through different categories of products, and cooperate with all game players to construct the game ecology of harmonious development, and explore the possible path in line with the future. The future has come. X10 Legends makes the martial arts world accessible!


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