On June 22-23, 2024, the WEB3 Carnival, jointly supported by the W2140 Organizing Committee and the Malaysian government, was held in Kuala Lumpur. As a benchmark company in the field of encryption + entity, All Universe was invited to attend. During the conference, after fierce competition, All Universe won the “Best Team Award” of this competition with its core team’s deep layout accumulation in encryption and entity and excellent product commercialization capabilities. After the meeting, Kevin Khoo, All Universe’s Asia-Pacific Marketing Director, accepted a special interview.


Interview guests

Kevin Khoo Marketing Director, Asia Pacific

Kevin Khoo, the current Asia Pacific Marketing Director of All Universe, is a senior professional with more than 20 years of experience in finance and investment banking. Prior to joining All Universe, Kevin served as the Head of Asia Market at TPG Telecom Pte Ltd, a leading technology, telecommunications and media company in Singapore, where he successfully promoted the company’s strategic development and improved operational efficiency, and deeply understood and mastered the market dynamics and challenges of the technology industry. During his illustrious career, Kevin held senior positions at Citigroup, Credit Suisse and Fleming Group for 15 years, mainly stationed in the Asia Pacific market.


The following is the transcript of the interview:

Q1: Can you give an overview of All Universe and its mission in the context of the emerging Web3 ecosystem?

Kevin Khoo: Looking at the current market trends and current situation, Web3 will definitely be the main driving force for the overall economy in the future. We can see that more and more Web3 layouts are beginning to be accessed and recognized by different countries. This is a very important time node for us. Through the establishment and construction of the whole universe, we can say that we are fully in line with this trend. And here I have to mention the mission of our whole universe, which is to break the barriers between digital assets and the real economy, realize digital assetization and value sharing, and provide investors with more diversified, more flexible, more efficient and safer investment channels.

Q2: What application ecosystems are currently launched in All Universe?

Kevin Khoo: Currently, Universe has launched three ecosystems, including Ocean Universe, AI Pulse Trade and Tobacco Planting. Each project mentioned here has its own unique growth plan, but they are interconnected within our ecosystem and are all supported by our native token UNV.

• GameFi: Our blockchain games are not only fun, but also allow players to earn real rewards.

• AI Trading: Our AI trading can help small investors enjoy opportunities that only large investors can participate in.

• Tobacco Farming: This is an important part of our plan to convert real-world assets into digital tokens. We are starting with tobacco and making it part of our digital economy.

Q3: The development of the All Universe ecosystem is mainly divided into three milestone stages. Can you give a detailed introduction to the specific implementation plan?

Kevin Khoo: Yes, the ecological development of the entire universe has a complete corporate goal and plan. In the first stage, we will gather more consensus-makers, build communities, and improve the ecology through the decentralized finance part, so that our native token UNV can play its application value. In the second stage, we will practice the docking of native tokens with mother coins. With the above step, our mother coin will attract more market attention and attract more investors. In the last stage, through the construction of a complete ecology, breaking the barriers between digital assets and the real economy, the huge data and assets we have accumulated can well push our entire universe to be listed on Nasdaq. At this stage, people who hold mother coins can freely choose whether to let their mother coins match equity, so as to realize the great cause of equal rights between coins and shares.

Q4: As the platform ecological token, will UNV have any new actions in economic incentives, listing, repurchase and destruction?

Kevin Khoo: According to the current progress, the market trend is the same as our expectations, or even better. With 180,000 token holders and 50,000 member interactions, we will maintain the current plan in our overall ecological layout, value enhancement, and destruction mechanism. Because in the near future, when the community construction is more stable and sound, we will attract the expected value increase, and the members who participate in it will be the first to benefit.

Q5: What kind of development or expansion can we expect from All Universe in the coming years, especially considering its current diverse business ecosystem?

Kevin Khoo: In the coming years, we hope to expand our ecosystem and reach more people around the world. We plan to bring more real-world assets into the digital space and provide more investment opportunities. In the near future, our UNV token will be used in many different areas, from gaming to medical and more. This will effectively connect the real and digital economy.

Through the wonderful conversation with Kevin Khoo, we have a deep understanding of the origin, vision and influence of this unique platform. Looking back at the development history of the All Universe platform, it is a true portrayal of the ecosystem respecting users and cooperating with users for mutual benefit. I believe that with the efforts of the application ecosystem represented by All Universe, empowering user needs and creating more value for investors will be the future industry trend.