With the blessing of concepts such as Metaverse and NFT, chain games are still heating up, attracting investment institutions to enter the market. According to incomplete statistics from “Lianxin”, in the past month, more than 20 online game projects have announced that they have obtained financing. Traditional capitals such as Sequoia China, Rothschild Trust Capital, Jack Ma’s Blue Pool Capital, and Samsung Venture Capital have also bet on this emerging field. According to “Chain New” statistics, since November, the cumulative amount of blockchain game financing has exceeded 1.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Next, I will introduce to you a new game SoHo that will be launched soon. Let’s talk about SoHo’s introduction and development ideas. SoHo is a chain game application developed by the world’s first-class game R&D team based on the GameFi track. Its advantage is the playability of the game itself, creating a balance mechanism between production and consumption. Blockchain technology and NFT function assistance solve the business pain points of the market because the game itself is not enough to play, and the upper economic system is easy to collapse, and ultimately constitute one of the links in the future Metaverse era. We can first analyze the concepts of NFT and Metaverse, and extend it to our games. From SLG games to the future, we can realize the docking of virtual and reality. We can realize the docking of the physical industry in the real world in the game. List: medical beauty industry, boss You can have your own land in the game, open your own shop, and issue NFT assets of your own products. Players can obtain NFT assets through the game process to realize offline consumption! In reality, 360 lines can be realized in the game, thus creating a real world, which is also a part of the meta-universe concept!

SoHo, telling about a warm climate, lush vegetation, abundant sunlight and various elements of energy, spiritual stones are all over the universe planet, there is a huge tree of life in the center of the planet, which is the center of the vitality flow of the entire planet, and also connects the natural world with The bond of the supernatural world. Due to the huge energy fluctuations that occurred in the universe, the energy of the tree of life was scattered throughout the world and turned into small trees of life. The surrounding spirit stones absorbed the energy of the little tree of life. After a long period of time, beast spirits of various shapes were bred: elephant spirits, cat spirits, bird spirits, dragon spirits, humanoid spirits… but at the same time they also bred Evil beasts wantonly destroy the environment. In order to prevent wild beasts from destroying the planet’s ecological environment, the beast spirits build homes to multiply their descendants, guard and expand their territory, protect the little tree of life from beasts, and plan to go to the center of the planet to restore the energy of the main tree of life…

The six races in the game are: dragon, cat, elephant, bird, spirit, and sea; shape: inherit or acquire new parts according to the racial characteristics of parents to form unique beast spirits; level: only in PVE Effective in the middle, upgrade the level to increase the attributes and skill levels of the beast spirits. Attributes: strength, skill, intelligence, the initial attributes of different races have their own biases, according to the racial characteristics to match skills and formation; body parts: different body parts correspond to different skills; skill types: 1 active skill, 2 passive skills , 1 effect technology; Race restraint: 2 races are a 2-2 ethnic group triangle restraint relationship, 5V5 battle, battle is no longer a single damage output, according to the formation of a unique combat strategy; race + skills tens of thousands Combinations of these species, find a suitable match, and be invincible in the battle; the nine-square grid position mechanism forms different styles of battle formations, bringing unexpected combat experience. Competitive battles. All beast spirit attribute balance systems unify attributes and ensure fair competition.

The game system is also very diversified: the game system mailbox: the function of receiving battle reports, system messages, and items; backpack: the collection and management of items and materials, and the storage function of spirit stones; warehouse: the storage and custody of items and materials; hospital: The place where the state of the beast spirit is restored after the battle; the auction house (mall): the upload function of the items and props that need to be sold; the field: the output of food, the output of restoration consumables; the wood farm: the output of wood, the building upgrade materials Production cave: PVE battle, level mode, victory in the battle and get SEC rewards: Wild monsters: random battles in the city, and get food and wood rewards after victory.

Economic system players can earn money in the following ways, earn points in PVP battles, and win leaderboard rewards; incubate animal spirits, breed spirit stones and sell them on exchanges in the game; players can consume physical energy in the game Through the small energy crystal SEC obtained in PVE and PVP, they can be sold on the exchange;

In order to avoid players who enter first form level suppression on players who enter later, and affect the game experience of new players, a balance strategy is set up in the game. The resources obtained by the attacker are related to the strength gap of the attacked party. If the strength gap between the two parties is too large, the resources plundered by the attacker may not be enough to balance the cost of the attack. In addition, the user attacker who has a large gap between the attack and its own level will be placed on the “natural punishment”, which will affect the user’s production and economic development within a certain period of time. The game is highly scalable, and developers and game creators can provide it through us The SDK expands the map and gameplay to add new content to the game through community governance.

Asset types: Dragon, cat, elephant, bird, spirit, and sea in the game are all NFT asset users with complete ownership, and can be transferred and traded through the blockchain network at any time. At the same time, users can also package the buildings, units, and resources in the game as NFT for transfer or sale.

Quality and level In addition to the level of each NFT, there is also a very important quality attribute. The higher the quality, the higher the attribute bonus obtained by upgrading.

According to official reports, the spar snapped up on November 28, Thailand’s Metaverse United.NFT game exchange, which was shocked to go online. As of December 28, a total of 3,200 primitive spars were sold in three divisions with 5 as a sales unit. So I hope you can pay more attention to the official telegram and Twitter.

Although the meta-universe and chain games are still in their infancy, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg of their huge ecology. However, with the development of virtual reality, with the continuous advancement of technologies such as the Internet, VR, artificial intelligence, and the large-scale adoption of blockchain technology, the meta-universe chain tour will begin to take shape. Before that, SoHo will bear the brunt and become the most determined disruptor in the field of chain games.

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