From an anthropological perspective, identity is shaped by culture. The most basic identity can be gender, which describes not only biological differences but also aspects such as the social functions and behavioral patterns we expect from this identity.

With the advent of the Internet Web 2.0 era, a network society has emerged. Society is no longer confined to geographical boundaries, giving rise to new Internet identities. However, due to the lack of data interoperability between Internet platforms, people need to constantly register and verify their identities, and even identity information data may be uploaded by unauthorized platforms, leading to problems such as privacy leakage and being flagged. As a result, people’s Internet identities present a segmented and incomplete state, and their rights are gradually lost.

The arrival of Web 3.0 has allowed users to regain control of their rights. Web 3.0 is supported by distributed ledger technology and a new generation of Internet-based blockchain, whose main innovations include openness, privacy, co-construction, and decentralization achieved with the help of technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts.

DeFi, the first track to explode in Web3, has gained the attention and popularity of mainstream users and has grown to become one of the largest industries in the cryptocurrency space. DeFi, can provide all financial services (savings, loans, investments, insurance, etc.) and replace centralized financial products around the world. DeFi was created so that everyone can use these financial services via smartphones and the internet. By using cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and smart contracts, DeFi will revolutionize financial technology and markets.

The development of DeFi in Web3 does not stop at competing on the public chain giant Ether, nor at various scalability solutions to improve throughput and performance, based on which the pioneering development team created USDToch.

What is USDToch?

USDToch was founded in 2021 and is based in the United States. It is an on-chain lending ecosystem based on DeFi 2.0. It uses smart contract technology to automate the lending process and ensures the security and transparency of users’ assets through a decentralized approach. USDToch offers advantages such as lower interest rates, faster approvals, and more flexible repayment options than traditional bank loans.

The platform uses AI strategy algorithms to optimize investment portfolios for higher returns and risk control. Not only that, USDToch is a high-performance, scalable financial pledge lending platform on top of current incentives and economic models, with an innovative proof-of-liquidity consensus that better handles incentives between investors, builders, and users who interact with the network. Also in line with the fundamental principles of identity, only in a transformed form:

  1. For platform, the user joins a system that uses the crypto wallet as proof of identity, which is proven by on-chain data and soul binding, and the user’s data is authentic and comprehensive;
  2. For others,a new form of organization, people can very easily find partners and organizations that meet their requirements;
  3. For oneself,a new, free, anonymous, and autonomous identity outside of real life.

The platform’s ecological token, UTH, was released on BNB Chain with the protocol standard BEP20. the AI arithmetic power held by the platform is locked by UTH through smart contract technology. As a result, UTH holders can adjust their investment strategies in real-time and automatically according to market changes in USDToch.

What Makes USDToch Unique?


USDToch uses a decentralized approach to lending and borrowing, and all transactions are completed on the blockchain without any intermediaries involved. This avoids trust issues and single-point-of-failure risks, while also ensuring the safety and transparency of users’ assets.


USDToch uses smart contract technology to automate the lending and borrowing process, and users only need to operate on the platform to complete the lending and borrowing. This increases efficiency, reduces costs, and avoids human impact on transactions.

Low-interest rates

USDToch uses a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending model, which removes the intermediary link between traditional financial institutions, thus making borrowing rates even lower. It also allows more people to have access to borrowing services as there are no restrictions such as credit ratings.

Flexible repayment

USDToch supports flexible repayment methods, and users can choose to repay the loan in one lump sum or installments according to their situation. And, during the repayment process, users can adjust the repayment plan at any time to accommodate changes in their financial situation.

Efficient approval

USDoch uses smart contract technology to automate the approval process, which greatly reduces the approval time. Usually, users can get an approval result within minutes after applying.

Competitive returns

Based on DeFi, USDToch maximizes capital efficiency for borrowers and achieves some stable, high-quality returns on crypto assets.

How USDToch Works?

User Registration

Users need to register an account on the USDoch platform and complete steps such as basic authentication and security settings.

Pledged Assets

Users need to pledge a certain amount of digital currency as a pledge to obtain a loan amount. USDToch supports ETH as a pledge.

Borrowing Application

Based on DeFi 2.0, users can submit a borrowing application on the platform. The loan has no lock-in period and deep exit liquidity, giving you ultimate control over your assets.

Approval Process

USDTOCH uses smart contract technology to automate the approval process and your loan assets are guaranteed by USDTOCH’s SAFU funds and USDT holders, providing a total of millions of dollars in insurance coverage with an industry-leading underwriting record.


If the loan request is approved, USDTOCH will track every dollar lent on-chain by USDTOCH-vetted borrowers and review periodic proof of USDT token pools.


Users are required to make repayments according to an agreed repayment schedule, and USDToch will encrypt the data by asymmetric encryption for each asset circulation and store it on the blockchain network.

USDToch’s USDT holders will manage the agreement and approve new borrowers, and influence key financial partnership decisions.

Why Choose USDToch?

Lower interest rates

Since the intermediary links of traditional financial institutions are removed, USDToch’s borrowing rates are much lower.

Faster approval

USDToch uses smart contract technology to automate the approval process, greatly reducing the approval time.

More flexible repayment methods

USDToch supports flexible repayment methods, so users can choose to repay the loan in one lump sum or installments according to their situation, and can adjust the repayment plan at any time during the repayment process.

Higher security and transparency

USDToch uses a decentralized approach to lending and borrowing, with all transactions completed on the blockchain and no intermediaries involved. This avoids trust issues and single-point-of-failure risks, while also ensuring the security and transparency of users’ assets.

The USDToch project is based on the premise of web3+DeFi 2.0, and its potential to disrupt traditional markets cannot be ignored and will show exponential growth in the coming years, providing investors with diversification and risk aversion opportunities.

Despite some challenges and uncertainties in the USDToch market, they remain a very promising investment option that can provide investors with diversification and stable investment returns. As technology continues to advance and the regulatory environment becomes clearer, the USDToch market will further mature and develop. We believe that in the future, USDToch will become an important part of the blockchain finance sector and have a wide impact globally.