Gensokishi Online, the metaverse version of the 3D MMORPG game, “Elemental Knights”, is giving NFT investors the chance to earn massive rewards. Elemental Knights which has been in existence for more than 13 years has amassed a community of more than 8 million players and is now bringing this massive game to the metaverse.

Users have a chance to be a part of Gensokishi Online by registering for its closed alpha.

Maxi Kuan, CEO of GensoKishi Online, says

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“In the closed alpha, NPCs, background models, equipment, Monsters etc. will also be renewed, and the graphics will be improved to be suitable for the latest games. We are already working on resources to improve the graphics, but it will take dedicated converter development to incorporate them into the actual game, so we cannot yet show you the improved graphics in the alpha version, but we plan to release them in the beta version. We hope that everyone will take this opportunity to experience the Metaverse GameFi project as never before.”

This closed alpha will see a select few get the chance to be a part of the testing period that will end with limited edition NFTs being awarded to the participants. Applications for joining the closed alpha have been announced. It will take place in a lottery-style system where users sign up for the Closed Alpha Bronze Tickets.

Winners of this lottery will be provided exclusive access to the Gensokishi Online Closed Alpha Test. At the end of the testing period, players will be ranked on a point system using the “Alpha Hunter’s Certificate” which will drop at a certain probability rate when players defeat monsters during in-game play.

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The top 10 ranking players at the end will receive limited edition NFTs. The other players are not left out though. The top 11 to 100 players will also receive a limited edition NFT at the end of the testing phase.

How To Apply For Gensokishi Closed Alpha

Applications for the Gensokishi Online Closed Alpha Bronze Ticket lottery is already ongoing. Interested players are required to complete a number of tasks on the Gensokishi Online website and then submit their application using the application form provided on the site.

The purpose of the closed alpha is to help determine the economic balance of the game, and the level design, and to help identify any problems and test the game server before the launch. The alpha version is playable only on Desktop, but Mobile support is planned for beta and beyond.

Applications have begun pouring in since launch on May 3rd and will continue to May 17, which is the end date, at 23:59 GMT+8. Players should note that applications submitted after the closing date will not be accepted. The ticket distribution date is also subject to change so make sure to follow announcements for updates on this.

At the end of the testing period, players are able to exchange their tickets for the “Gensokishi Fan Club Membership Card.”

It is very worthwhile to participate in the alpha version of the game, as the possession of a Gensokishi Online Fan Club membership card entitles the holder to various benefits after the release of the game.

Taking Metaverse Gaming By Storm

Gensokishi benefits greatly from the popularity and confidence that has been generated by Elemental Knight over its more than a decade in operation. However, the metaverse game itself has made some significant strides.

In just 20 days, the community grew to more than 100,000 members and now sits at over 230,000 community members. It also set the record for the fastest project ever launched by Trustpad after selling out in 20 seconds.

Its launch on crypto exchange Bybit saw a record 65,000 participants stake more than $220 million to earn $MV tokens, the official token of Gensokishi Online. It is the most widely held token behind MATIC tokens on the Polygon network.

Gensokishi Online has made its mark as a formidable contender in the metaverse gaming space and it is only beginning.