Since the ChatGPT concept and its related applications exploded, many industries have joined the AI ​​camp, causing new industrial changes one after another, from chat robots to image generation, from voice to video, from finance to blockchain, artificial intelligence It is subtly changing many traditional industries, freeing them from tedious manual intervention and improving production efficiency, leading all walks of life to new highs of value, and the financial field is the best example.

Although as early as a few years ago, the reputation of smart finance or AI finance has already started, but it is basically a small business, and it has not changed the user’s investment habits and derived different industrial application scenarios. Until the emergence of Fuji Exchange, Substantial breakthroughs have only begun to be made in the field of AI finance. As a digital asset exchange linking the financial industry, Fuji Exchange has directly changed the investment habits of users, and launched AI computing power financial services so that users can jump out of complex trading procedures. You don’t need to go through many tedious procedures to realize smart AI financial management with one click.


Fuji Exchange gathers top technologies in the three major fields of artificial intelligence, cross-chain bridges, and aggregators to create an L1 cross-chain aggregator based on AI computing power and wealth management ecology, which automatically shuttles between various L1 public chains through AI algorithms. Automatically screen out high-yield liquidity mining pools or pledged investment products for high-frequency arbitrage, and gather wealth management income into the leasing token AIT in the form of computing power certificates to create market value, and then destroy the AIT token mining output AIC tokens form a dual-token economic system, which promotes the steady growth of the prices of AIT tokens and AIC tokens.

Users obtain AIT tokens through leasing computing power, which can be directly exchanged for USDT to obtain AI wealth management benefits, or participate in the destruction of mining output AIC tokens to obtain higher returns. The value of AIT tokens and AIC tokens held by users will also increase As the platform grows and improves, users who invest earlier can expect higher returns. Combining the application of the income generated by the AI ​​​​algorithm with the dual-token economics, and then distributing the income to the investing users, lowering the investment threshold and significantly increasing the user’s income.

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In addition to AI computing power financial management functions, Fuji Exchange, as the world’s leading digital asset platform, not only has a wealth of products and services, but also provides diversified financial products to meet the needs of users and create more investment opportunities. Fuji Exchange has a FUJI independent public chain, adopts a financial-level security technology architecture, small bid-ask spreads, fast transaction response, comprehensive risk control system and customer service support, allowing users to trade with peace of mind.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, FUJI Exchange has successively obtained the US MSB license and the Canadian Fintrac MSB license, and legally conducts cryptocurrency business in the US and around the world. Fuji (FUJI) Exchange will set up branches on five continents in the future. The team is composed of financial professionals and blockchain technology experts from all over the world. It is committed to establishing a safe, efficient and professional digital asset trading ecosystem, allowing all users benefit.

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The FUJI financial public chain serves as the infrastructure of AI computing power financial management functions, and also serves as the financial ecological public chain of WEB3.0 financial infrastructure in the future. As a public chain system with the primary goal of supporting the cross-chain development of the token economy, A network of many independent blockchains. Fuji Exchange is developed based on the FUJI financial public chain as part of the FUJI Web3.0 ecosystem.

Under the innovative technical framework of the FUJI financial public chain, the practice of the token economy is moved to the chain, and each chain operates under the support of the same smart contract, and the ecological expansion is realized by linking isomorphic chains. On the FUJI financial public chain, Fuji Exchange implements advanced technologies such as distributed server clusters, distributed storage, high-speed memory transaction engines with multiple machines, cold wallets, and hot wallets with offline private keys. Terminals and other terminals provide customers with safe, stable and credible digital asset transaction services.

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In addition, Fuji (FUJI) Exchange itself has many inherent advantages, including the following:

Efficient trading services: Fuji Exchange has a number of products and trading services, providing global digital asset traders with a series of high-quality services such as comprehensive spot trading, derivatives trading, financial management, insurance, and AI investment advisory.

International technical team: The Fuji Exchange technical team is a very experienced international team. It was established by the Japanese FUJI Technology Laboratory in 2017. The core team comes from industry giants, Wall Street elites, and blockchain veterans.

Global strategic layout: Fuji Exchange is headquartered in Hong Kong, China, and its parent company, FUJI Exchange Limited, is headquartered in Canada. It has licensed companies in the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong, and will set up branches in the United Kingdom, Australia and other places in the future.

Full-dimensional security system: Gather top international talents in cryptography, financial investment, artificial intelligence and other fields to create bank-level user data encryption, dynamic identity verification, and multi-level risk identification and control to ensure the security of funds and transactions.

Diversified product layout: Fuji Exchange provides continuous optimization and innovation of its trading services according to the product life cycle, provides users with a wealth of trading varieties and business scenarios, and creates a comprehensive trading ecosystem from products to ecology.

High concurrent transaction engine: Distributed ledger and smart contract technology eliminate transaction barriers and improve transaction efficiency. Efficient matching engine, low latency and low slippage provide investors with a stable and fast trading experience.

High-growth profitability: Fuji Exchange, as the entrance of user traffic, focuses on discovering the profit growth point of the platform and finding high-quality digital asset expansion products, so that users of the exchange can benefit from it.

Finally, the comprehensive score of the Fuji (FUJI) exchange is infinitely close to that of the top exchanges, and its future development potential is destined to be limitless. It is also building a diversified blockchain financial ecosystem, covering AI financial management and financial public chains , cross-chain aggregator, NFT, DeFi and GVM implementation and other tracks, with diversified and comprehensive products, serving global traders.