The public welfare interactive chain game developed by Clover Fraternity in conjunction with FTN-LEA has recently been officially launched on the FTNDEX platform, just as GameFi is hitting the market, and this launch has attracted the attention of countless people around the world.

It is understood that the online is a public welfare charity interactive chain game, aimed at achieving the concept of making public welfare can be participated by everyone through blockchain games. To achieve value for society to achieve the purpose of love to help students, help the poor and the needy. Each participation of players in the game will contribute $0.2 into the Clover Charity Fund as a public welfare fund wallet address, through the form of blockchain to achieve justice, openness and transparency of public welfare.

After several years of development, the chain game market has seen phenomenal games such as Axie Infinity, and the game revenue has even surpassed World of Warcraft, making GameFi the focus of the moment. GameFi empowers the financial attributes of public welfare charity, thus supporting and relying on each other to form a dynamic balance and benign development.

Allowing players to earn money while playing is the most attractive part of GameFi, the Play To Earn part of GameFi. In the future, GameFi also contains a wealth of interactive charity play, such as game prop assets NFT, game economy combined with charity funds and other ways.

In addition to Play To Earn, the more long-term significance of GameFi is that it provides a window for real-world users to see what the metaverse looks like. Therefore, GameFi is seen as the next windfall of blockchain with huge economic value and investment value.

The advent of digital art and smart contracts has brought a new way for gaming to be played, where players enter this popular space without the need to apply physical objects. Despite the perception that GameFi is useless, with teams like Coinbase, Clover Charity and Visa on board, GameFi will have a bright future.

Clover Charity Foundation will create a complete solution for philanthropic good in the digital world. The future will effectively connect the entire ecosystem together, and the interactive chain tour will be used to incentivize players, platform parties, and agents across the ecosystem to add to the global good.


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