Epic Dog Epic dog is a decentralized community autonomy project developed by the Community Anonymous team, a next-generation decentralized blockchain experiment that builds on BSC’s ecological influence to create a new Epic dog myth.

Don’t miss the Epic dog on the BSC if you miss a hundred times doggy on the BSC.

For the benefit of investors,Epic dog was inspired by Elon,and community representativestransferred 50percent of Epic dog tokens to Elon Musk’s wallet address.

Token distribution:

Maximum supply:1,000,000,000,000

50% tokens are transferred to Elon Musk’s wallet address

30% add all to the pool and destroy the pool wallet

2 0% as an early incentive for community airdrop activities

Contract address:0x70e2c9DF6965E80811b10285a2aB2D63017a45A4


Online: June 19, 2021 at 1:2:0PM Singapore time



Official website:www.epicdogcoin.com

Deflation mechanism

Automatic destruction of 5% Epic dog token in the liquidity poolevery 48 hours

Airdrop activities

Official website airdrop activities

Official website link:www.epicdogcoin.com

Enter your wallet address to pick up 1000000 Epic dog token, and invite friends to continue to get 1000000 Epic dog token

Airdrop release time

All airdrops arrive at the wallet within7 2 hours of collection


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