As sub-Saharan Africa develops, it is becoming increasingly dependent on transportation services – worker and leisure commutes, freight and industrial material transportation, and other movement activities involved in building emerging economies are putting strain on the continent’s logistics. Many new entrepreneurs have seized the opportunity by starting taxi and parcel delivery services of their own. However, the majority of these enterprises rely on cheap motorcycles equipped with inefficient engines.

Making up almost half of all vehicles being driven, the pollution emitted by these motorcycles is leading to ecological damage and an increased incidence of disease across sub-Saharan Africa. Wanting to make a difference, Bob Eco, an electric vehicle and renewable energy company, is on a mission to electrify as many of these motorcycles as possible. Offering free battery recharges, Bob Eco is giving drivers the opportunity to go green and save on refueling costs – each Bob Eco driver saves 5 tons of CO2 emissions per year and nearly quadruples their take-home pay.

Based on real-world land surveys, Bob Eco’s headlining Model-X is the perfect e-bike for developing countries. It has been meticulously designed and engineered to elevate public expectations of what a taxi or ride-sharing motorcycle should be. Equipped with a comfortable extra seat and board-style tandem footrests, the Model-X can comfortably accommodate tandem riders. Additionally, sporting a rear carrier and suspension capable of handling heavy loads, the Model-X is perfect for carrying small to mid-sized parcels.

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In countries where only price counts and quality is left out of the equation, Bob Eco offers something unique. In developing countries, the majority of cheap petrol-fuelled bikes begin breaking down and requiring weekly repairs after only one year of usage, causing heavy costs for drivers. Bob Eco is making a difference by offering high-quality motorbikes that will last for 10 years and still cost the same to lease as a petrol-fuelled bike – the only difference being that the lease is stretched for a longer term.

At the heart of the Model-X is Bob Eco’s proven powertrain, delivering both unprecedented range and a thrilling riding experience. And as with every Bob Eco vehicle, the Model-X is equipped with a class-leading rechargeable battery. Bob Eco’s batteries are built with a sturdy heat-wicking aluminum alloy shell and incorporate a technology that armors their cells. Thus, Bob Eco’s batteries are resistant to the elements and extremely durable, perfect for the terrain of developing countries.

Also, repairs are something Bob Eco thought of since most of the roads are bad and there are many road accidents, for a new and unique model there should be a lot of spare parts and specialists that know how to repair a unique type of motorcycle. The complete motorcycle (except for the back wheel engine, batteries, and unique electrical components connecting the two) is built with the same parts that are being used for the large majority of the motorcycles. This makes finding replacements for 90% of the parts that need replacement during regular checks easy and cheap, also it doesn’t require specialist knowledge and special tools.

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Powered by two state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries that can carry passengers up to 140 kilometers with a battery pack, making long-distance rides no problem. The batteries are not heavy to carry and can easily be removed from the locked battery holders.

Model-X drivers are welcome to swap dead and dying batteries for freshly recharged ones at any one of Bob Eco’s charging stations, mapped out across Africa, completely free of charge. Combined with its overall design, this established the Model-X as the ultimate strategic motorcycle for emerging markets. It is perfect both for the planet and logistics entrepreneurs wanting to save money. The batteries used for the Model-X are the same ones used for the other African models, optimizing the efficiency of the Bob Ecosystem.

All Model-X motorcycles and batteries are individually connected to the internet with a SIM card. Both also have an individual tracker hidden inside the structure, trying to remove or disarm will lead to deadlock to the motorcycle’s BMS (battery management system), rendering them useless.

The battery management system is the brain of the smart motorcycles, not only does it give protection against theft, but it also helps to constantly analyze the motorcycle. It shows all the statistics of the battery, notices irregularities and maintains the battery’s quality.

The battery management system shows where the motorcycle is located so they can be followed by the admin. The model-X can even be shut down by the admin. This is only done in case of theft and in case of payment defaults during the leasing period.  Then the motorcycle can only be unlocked by either paying the owed amounts or by making an arrangement with the lessor.

Also during the leasing period, the motorcycle is not able to leave its assigned driving zone, to avoid a lessee from stealing the motorcycle by driving off to another country or region.

The Model-X was developed by the Bob Eco, Jincheng Suzuki partnership to create the ultimate motorcycle for the African market, so all elements described and more have been based on decades of experience in the two- and three-wheeler market in developing countries.

Across their range of electric two and three-wheelers, Bob Eco offers a product for every task. Whether it be single-person or family transports, or hauling loads small or large, Bob Eco has drivers covered.